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Frequently Asked Questions

We only provide Direct and/or PRIVATE Transportation Services. That means no waiting around for the van to fill up to leave or multiple stops before you reach your destination.

Yes! We do provide baby child safety car seats or booster seats for toddlers, infant and children.

Yes it can! We can fit items from surf board, snow boards, golf bags, foldable wheel chair to large boxes and even foldable scooters!  Just let us know so we can accommodate those items.

Yes you can! Just let us know in advance that you will be bringing your pet. Please have them in their kennel upon pick up.

Yes. If time permits the driver will be able to make an extra stop for an additional fee.

No worries!  Just keep us posted via text at 562-726-2210.  We will be tracking your flight if it is early or delayed and your driver will be waiting upon your arrival.  If for some reason your flight information changes please contact us by phone or text to give your updated information. That way it will ensure a smooth pick up once you arrive.

Our drivers are not responsible for your belongings and luggages. However if you forgot an item please call us ASAP so we could get a hold of your driver and have them drive back. Sometimes if they are on another run and can not return the item we can always mail it to you. (additional fee applies for mailing your item)

All our vehicles are non smoking and alcohol free.

Yes we do! We operate 365 days a year.

Let us know 2 hours prior by text or phone so we can adjust our schedule with our driver.

Fill out the quote form. We will send the price quote within 4 hours or less. Just save it until you’re ready to book.

Once you receive the quote and interested in booking, there’s a link on your email price quote to send us your credit card. You can also phone us to give the credit card information. When we receive the credit card information you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you require to pay in advance, please request an invoice to pay directly online.

Yes, we require at least 24 hours advance notice in case you have a large group or need a special order for car seats/boosters, stepping stool, etc.

No problem! Just let us know and we can send you an invoice to pay in advance. Once that is completed the person traveling has no worries!

We accept CASH or any major Credit Card such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or debit cards.

Yes. A $1 booking fee will be charged to reserve your booking. As for the fare/gratuity, you have the option to pay CASH or CARD.

When necessary, we will charge the fare on your card in advance. You will be notify by our office.

Yes, we still need your credit card to reserve the booking. Once you use the shuttle service, you can pay CASH to driver on board. Rest assured, you will not be double charged.

All  cancellations must be done via EMAIL. We can only confirm your cancellation request by email to make it effective. All call or text cancellation will not be entertained.

We require 12 hours notice prior to your pick up time in order to get a full refund. Any time after 12 hours you will get charged the full fare.

*Note: If you choose to do a “No Show” we will charge the full fare, no exceptions.

**Cruise Terminal Customers: Requires 24 hour notice before ship docks. If you elect to not show up for your pick up you will get charged the full fare. No Exceptions.**

All cancellations must be done via EMAIL. We can only confirm your cancellation request by email to make it effective. All call or text cancellation will not be entertained.

Returning cruise terminal customers require 24 hours (one day) prior notice for cancellation. 

Once we receive your request we will send an email confirming your cancellation. 

If less than 24 hours please phone us at 562-726-2210. Otherwise you can email or text us your new changes.